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JIFF  partners with Memphis Brooks Museum of Art to provide Art Therapy to Opportunity Youth. In this class, participants made masks which represent who they show to the world versus who they are on the inside. The masks were displayed as an art showcase in the museum. Through metaphors of abstract, colors, choices, and vision, the youth learn to better understand and to express themselves. 


Our partnership with Visible Music College gives our youth the opportunity to write and produce their own music. This skill building not only increases their talent but also allows them to express themselves from an open and honest place. Read an example of one of these songs below:

Excerpts from Opportunity Don't Sleep by Jaye, Johnny, James, and Lamarcus

Verse 1: 
We are JIFF just the former future friends, trying to change some lives, just before they come to an end
Go around the wrong people, wrong places, wrong things
Most of us trying to make some money just to see better dreams
The wrong way was the right way for a kid like me, didn't never listen, holding onto grudges see
Now the future might just terminate us, Naw I take that back, We terminate us

Verse 4:
Just like me, opportunity don't sleep
Like game serving in the playoffs, I shoot the 3
Grinding in these streets, got my momma losing sleep
Grandma up praying for me while I'm in the street, but now I kill these beats my enemies retreat
Got stacks up to the ceiling, but it don't grow on tree
I said you gotta seize your opportunity, I said you gotta seize your opportunity 

Opportunity Don't Sleep
Man that's nothing new to me in these streets, only short cuts for the weak, gotta stand ten toes on your feet

Gotta stand ten toes on your feet
Gotta stand ten toes on your feet
Gotta stand ten toes on your feet
Cause opportunity don't sleep

Believe me


Memphis Rox is a fun, safe place for our youth to eat, play, workout, and (their personal favorite) enjoy WiFi, while also learning important lessons that will stay with them throughout their lives. The art of climbing teaches youth perseverance, overcoming fears, trusting others, working together, and achieving more than you think is possible. Thank you, Memphis Rox, for these wonderful experiences!


Chrysalis is a three-day spiritual retreat that gives participants the opportunity to learn more about their faith and experience Christ's love and grace in a new and exciting way. It also provides the chance to make new friends and establish new commitments in their spiritual journey. Chrysalis partnered with JIFF allowing for this ministry to outreach to Opportunity Youth for the first time since its inception. 
Twelve youth and thirteen adults participated in the three-day Chrysalis walk at JIFF. The first two days were rough going, but we had 50 + community-volunteers arrive for the candlelight service Saturday night at Mt. Olive Church, so we ended on a strong note Saturday evening.
Sunday late afternoon the adults stood over the seated youth and prayed for them, then a big surprise…the youth asked if they could also pray over the adults…a powerful moment with many adults shedding a few tears in the moment, realizing God was in the room and that HE was being honored in the fruit of everyone’s efforts. 
Each youth received a Clinging Cross and a Cross necklace (as shown above) to keep as a reminder of the commitment they made and the relationship they now possess. 

To God be the Glory!

epiphany - JUNE 2019

Epiphany Ministry is an ecumenical Christian Ministry for young men and women who have been involved with Juvenile Justice Facilities. The purpose is to manifest God’s love to youth , known as “Stars” through a three day course in Christianity and an on-going follow-up program. The sessions brought together twenty-one JIFF youth and 25 adult volunteers, with the latter serving the role of guides in the Christian walk. The eventful weekend provided great food, fellowship and discussion. Seven youth accepted Christ as their Lord and three followed up with baptism. Experiencing the unconditional love of Christ and the message of the cross was what the weekend was all about.


Again, praises to God for another amazing weekend!


This year, Sweet LaLa's hosted Cookies & Cocktails during the Arts by Design showing through ArtsMemphis. The event was held at the Pipkin Building, and incredible sights, cookies, and refreshments were enjoyed by all. Thank you, Sweet LaLa's, for your partnership with JIFF!

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