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In 2017, graduates from Early Intervention Program completed a combined 3240 community service hours, or "Acts of Kindness" as we like to call them. We believe the results of our impact are shown through our graduates becoming agents of change and progress in their communities. 


Many youth who come into JIFF have little life experience outside of their neighborhood. Gaining life experience outside of their current perspective is important to future planning and setting personal goals. Therefore, we take regular field trips which allow them to expand their experience and understanding of the world. We go zip-lining, rock climbing, visit historical sites, attend sporting events, and explore the wonderful city we all call home. The outcome is often life planning and a new excitement for their future.



Imagine a young man, with little to no experience with God or church, walking into an organization for a first time. The day begins with linking hands, bowing heads, and youth praying aloud. We usually hear this response: "I don't know how to pray". But, by the end of the experience at JIFF, these same young men are volunteering to say the prayer for their fellow participants and often asking to pray over their mentors. This result is the heart of JIFF, and we believe the personal transformation that only God can give is the true embodiment of our impact. 

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