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JIFF believes in collaboration and uniting  with other Memphis partners to enlarge the vision of the youth and introduce them to opportunities outside of their current perspective. ​Here are some of our partners who help us maximize our reach and impact to juvenile justice youth.

Formanek Foundation,
Pyramid Peak Foundation,
Speer Charitable Trust,
The Children's Foundation of Greater Memphis,
Christian Community Foundation, 
  Memphis and Shelby County Juvenile Court,
Memphis City Government,
Shelby County Government,
Tennessee Commission on children and youth


In 2018 JIFF became an Affiliate Partner with Slingshot Memphis. After our first year of helping to move the needle to reduce poverty in Memphis, JIFF became an Investee Partner in 2019.  As an Investee Partner we participate in rigorous annual evaluations that have strengthened us overall, especially in our implementation of evidence-based practices and aligning with best practices with our measurement infrastructure. To see a summary of our results from 2019 and 2020 and to visit their website, see below.

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