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Tablets Keep JIFF Connected with Youths During the Pandemic

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

When COVID-19 made it impossible for the staff at Juvenile Intervention and Faith-based Follow-up (JIFF) to provide services in person, JIFF needed a new way to work with its youth to help them break the cycle of juvenile crime.


JIFF’s efforts to help youth in need were severely challenged when COVID-19 forced the organization to curtail in-person services.


JIFF serves 65 youth per week, helping them stay connected with their case managers, counselors, and community partners. The new mobile program is also narrowing the digital divide for some of its youth living in extreme poverty.


Because many in the program had no Wi-Fi® connectivity at home, JIFF worked with AT&T to arrange for refurbished tablet computers powered by AT&T mobile connectivity. This enables JIFF participants to stay connected with their case managers and counselors. Youth can also participate in group sessions designed to keep them motivated and committed to making good decisions.

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