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News Channel 3, JIFF is Giving Memphis Youth a Second Chance

JIFF helped Carlos invest in himself and develop a strong connection with God. Carlos has since started his own lawn business and currently takes care of the JIFF property in addition to his other customers.

“You gotta change what you’re doing, or you’ll be dead or in jail at the end of this,” Robertson said. “It was times when it was some kids that didn’t make it through the program. You know how that feels to be beside somebody, the next day they’re being shot? Beside somebody and the next day they rob somebody or are dying? I don’t’ want to go through that.” -Carlos

“I just love being here because this changed my life for the better,” he said of the program. “JIFF is the first part but the second part is you. See what I’m saying? Like JIFF is placed there for you but you got to want to be here at JIFF as well.” - Carlos

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